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Alfred Vogel

The Story of Alfred Vogel

Alfred Vogel became captivated by the infinite variety of plants and their medicinal properties when he was still a child. The fascination remained, influencing everything he undertook throughout his life. Vogel rediscovered the healing power of nature and using this age-old knowledge, he developed modern natural remedies for many complaints.

"As a young child, nature with all its diversity of plants and animals impressed and inspired me and my thirst for knowledge led me through field, wood and meadow. My father informed me, with grandmother's wisdom, of the many beautiful things in the entire universe which is so varied and mysterious. I discovered very early on that plants have healing properties. I would never have dreamt at the time that my experiences as a youngster with medicinal plants would have such consequences and prove their worth in my later, professional life."

His thirst for knowledge took him to numerous countries throughout the world where he absorbed traditional knowledge from the people he encountered. He felt a particular bond with primitive tribes. The way they used natural resources presented Alfred Vogel with a new challenge - to study the connection between nutrition, lifestyle, constitution and illness. Discoveries in Africa, Asia, North, South and Central America and among peoples of the prairies and tropical forests showed the tireless traveller that the skilful management and support of nature can do more than the alleged skills of human beings. Alfred Vogel steeped himself in the healing methods of various primitive races and discovered a whole host of medicinal plants.

"The plants were always my faithful companions and are counted among my best friends for they have never disappointed me nor let me down, even in life-threatening situations. On more than one occasion and especially in tropical countries, plants have saved my life."

By the late 1930s he had begun to use this knowledge both to help the sick and the healthy at his clinic in Teufen in the Swiss region of Appenzell. Here he grew medicinal plants for his patients using the organic principles he knew so well. Herbs were processed immediately after harvesting on the simple logic that this was the best way of capturing the energy and essence of the plants, making them more effective. Today, science has shown us that fresh herb tinctures contain higher levels of active ingredients and are more stable than equivalent preparations made from dried herbs.

"To give credit where credit's due, I must strongly emphasise that we have the Creator to thank for all these wonderful healing powers. And to all those who have taken the love of his plants into their hearts, he also gave the strength and perseverance to discover these healing powers and to put them to good use in helping our fellow men."

True to his principles, he made his knowledge public in countless lectures worldwide, he published a monthly magazine and he wrote a number of books, the best known of which is The Nature Doctor.

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