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Black cohosh

Also known as:

Cimicifuga racemosa


  • Menopausal symptoms eg. hot flushes, aches and pains, low libido


This is a member of the Buttercup family, originally used by the Native Americans for its effect on normalising the female hormones.

What does it do?:

Black Cohosh seems to act both directly on the tissues of the reproductive system and indirectly through the nervous system. Black Cohosh contains several important constituents. One group of constituents acts to reduce the concentration of luteinising hormone which, in turn, decreases the relative balance of progesterone in favour of the oestrogens. At the same time, another group has been found to act directly on oestrogen receptors

Other information:

Do not use if allergic to aspirin. Do not use if you are taking oral contraceptives, HRT or other hormonal preparations, eg. Tamoxifen. With long term treatment, it is recommended that a one month break is taken after three months.